"The power to tax
involves the power
to destroy."

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Practice Areas

General Legal Practice - engaged in the general legal practice, which includes the discharge of such services as in-depth counselling on various legal issues concerning civil, commercial, and land acquisition transaction; legislative research and monitoring; liaison services with various government agencies; drafting and notarization of contracts, special power of attorney, affidavits, and other legal documents which can be provided online.

Litigation - extensive practice in litigation suits, i.e., initiates, prosecutes and/or defends civil and criminal suits filed before the various courts and administrative tribunals.

Featured Services; Outsourcing and Collection of bad debts - We undertake collection and retrieval of bad debts as well as outsourcing of delinquent accounts under a special arrangement.

Corporate and Commercial Practice - assists in incorporation and organization of private corporation, increase and/or decrease of capital stock; appeared and represented clients in intra-corporate or partnership relations before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); the practice extends to land transportation business; represented several corporations as corporate secretary and/or nominal director.

Intellectual Property, Trademark - exposure in inter partes cases before the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO), including the conduct of trademark and patent searches, filing of application for registration of trademark; monitoring of registered marks and patents against infringements and unfair competition practices; protecting property rights by instituting the appropriate suits before the Philippine Patent Office and prosecuting appeals before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Environmental Laws & Protection - practices in environmental laws including all forms of pollution liability, water rights and quality laws.

Labor and Employment - represented clients before the Department of Labor and Employment in cases involving labor disputes, made appearances before the National Labor Relations Commissions.

Juvenile and Domestic related Cases - handles cases for adoption, child custody and support, annulment of marriage and legal separation, dissolution of conjugal partnership of gains.

Bureau of Immigration and Deportation - engaged in the practice of immigration laws, registration and renewal of visa, and application for permanent residency in the Philippines.

Deposition and Service of Processes - we conduct deposition taking of witnesses, including the service of judicial and other legal processes from foreign jurisdiction.

Miscellaneous Legal Services - the conduct of background and litigation checking on individuals and corporations, credit report, asset verification, and skip tracing.