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"His constitutional immunity from suit shall be only during his tenure as President."

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DOJ Opinion No. 42, S. 1998 - Re: Whether or Not the SSC could Legally Apply its New Policy on Bids and Awards to Existing Contracts which were Awarded Prior to the Adoption of the said New Policy, April 16, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 55, S. 1998 - Re: The Proper Interpretation of the Provisions of the 1987 Constitution on the Nationalization of Educational Institutions as Provided in Article XIV, Section 4, May 13, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 59, S. 1998 - Re: Implementation of R.A. No. 8479, May 25, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 60, S. 1998 - Re: Whether the Intended Arrangement Between the PPA and Asian Terminal, Inc. (ATI) Regarding the Collection/Payment of Import Wharfage could be Adopted Without Running Afoul with DOJ Opinion No. 175 and/or Existing Regulations, May 8, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 61, S. 1998 - Re: Whether there is a Violation of [the] Constitutional Rights of the Applicants who will be Required to Undergo the Pre-Employment Examinations as Part of [the] Physical and Mental Fitness Program of the Bureaucracy, May 28, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 62, S. 1998 - Re: Proposed Loan of the Prov. of Ilocos Sur from Andre & Cie, Switzerland to Finance Tomato Paste Processing Plant, June 3, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 67, S. 1998 - Re: Application of Tax Return Act of 1997 (RA No. 8224) June 10, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 74, S. 1998 - Re: Constitutional and Statutory Limitations on Foreign Ownership of Public Utilities, June 16, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 75, S. 1998 - Re: Amendments to CARL of 1998 (R.A. No. 6657) by R.A. No. 7881 (1995), June 18, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 76, S. 1998 - Re: DBP Undertakings, June 19, 1998.

DOJ Opinion No. 77, S. 1998 - Re: Promotion/Adjustments of Ranks of PNP Officers, June 26, 1998.


REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 2-98 - Implementing Republic Act No. 8424, "An Act Amending the National Internal Revenue Code, as amended" relative to the Withholding on Income subject to the Expanded Withholding Tax and Final Withholding Tax, Withholding of Income Tax on Compensation, Withholding of Creditable Value Added Tax and Other Percentage Tax.

REVENUE REGULATIONS NO. 1-98 - Re-Defining the Term "Large Taxpayers", Modifying the Criteria for Determining Large Taxpayers, and Prescribing the Time, Place and Manner of Filing of Tax Returns and Payment of Taxes by Large Taxpayers Amending Further RR No. 12-93, as amended by RR 3-94.

REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 17-98 - Waiver of Penalties for Self-Employed Individuals Professionals Who Failed to Submit Their First Quarter Income Tax Returns for 1998 on April 15, 1998, but Nonetheless Filed Their Return On Or Before May 15, 1998.

REVENUE MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 45-98 - Prescribing the Policies and Guidelines for the Availment of Compromise and/or Abatement of Tax Liabilities for Assessment Notices Issued on or Before April 30, 1998.


CUSTOMS MEMORANDUM ORDER NUMBER 13-98 - System and Procedure in the Processing and Transmittal of Duty and Tax Exemptions Issued by the Department of Finance.

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