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est suprema lex."

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Beltran & Reyes-Beltran Law Offices

Welcome to Beltran & Reyes-Beltran Law Offices. And Welcome to cyber legal information. We are glad that you stopped by and hope that you take a moment to learn more about our law firm, our affiliates and the people behind these great organizations. Our law firm is based in Metropolitan Manila, Republic of the Philippines, has continuously engaged in the practice of law since its foundation on April 23, 1994, serving the legal requirements of individual and corporate clients in subjects ranging from Corporation Law, Taxation, Intellectual Property and Trademark, Cyberlaw, Environmental Laws and Protection, Labor and Employment, Torts and Damages, Immigration and Deportation Laws, including Juvenile and Domestic related cases. We conduct deposition taking of witnesses, including the service of divorce, judicial and other legal processes from foreign jurisdiction. We undertake collection and retrieval of bad debts as well as outsourcing of delinquent accounts under a special arrangement.