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Valencia Cityhood is in the Senate - Ancheta

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VALENCIA, BUKIDNON - "The local government officials of this town has completed the basic requirements and documents needed for its proposed cityhood therefore, there's no reason why it shouldn't be approved to become a component city", Valencia Mayor Bethobal R. Ancheta disclosed in a recent interview. He said, the proposed cityhood of Valencia has been approved by Congress and the proposal is on its way for approval in the Senate. Ancheta deplored over reports that some individuals are determined to block the approval of Valencia's Cityhood.

According to Ancheta, aside from completing the necessary documents, Valencia has a total income of P120 million annually including the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA). The required income for cityhood is only P20 million. Valencia has also a land area of about 62 square land kilometers making it qualified for the requirements which is only 42 square kilometers. The town has a population of 150 thousand based on recent statistics.

Mayor Ancheta was dismayed over reports that government officials from other cities in the country are vehemently blocking the conversion of 24 municipalities applying for cityhood including Valencia for the reason that it will affect the IRA distribution of other cities. The creation of new cities could mean a cut in the budget of other cities in the country. He said, the insufficient funds in the government is the cause of this delay in the approval for Valencia's cityhood. Another block for the cityhood is a Senate policy stating that no other city would be created if there is already an existing city in the region or district. "but it is just a policy and not a law", Ancheta stressed out. "Presently, we are doing our best to accumulate additional facts and requirements to hasten the approval for the cityhood of Valencia. By all means, let's make Valencia a City", Ancheta told NEWSWATCH. (Written by Melchor N. Velez, Central Mindanao Newswatch, 1st Week of March 2000.)

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