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Officers & Staff

Atty. Roland B. Beltran
President/General Counsel

Foreign Department

Edwin C. Mencias

Collection Specialists

Liza G. Uy
Peter A. Buentiempo

Accounting Department

Julius Michael G. Barroso
Rhodora D. Espinosa

Computer Programmer

Luis Alexander N. Cacnio

Liaison Officers

Nestor V. Parreño
Johann B. Presidente
Nestor F. Iyana
Luis G. Derilo


Mari Joan O. Antiporda
Ronald V. Parreño
Jose Ricardo E. Demerin
Jonathan L. Barlan
John E. Nirza

Skip tracers and collection experts.

Method of Collection

Our method of collection is innovative, effective and professional without disregarding the sensitivities of your business. Our team of collection specialists are skilled in the art of recovery and collection, and are determined to persuade debtors to pay.

Within twenty-four (24) hours from authorization/referral of the account for collection, effective action is taken by our team of collection specialists, your office will be required though to forward to us the pertinent documents and information relative to the account (i.e., total amount to be collected, complete address, telephone number, etc.) we shall report to you any development in regard to the collection process within fifteen (15) days from the date of authorization/referral. If the required information is, however, incomplete, effort of recovery is reported within thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days from the placement of the account.

Indeed, at Red Arrow Express, Inc., you do not have to file a case in court to collect your debt. Our team of collection specialists will handle the recovery work for you in no time at all. With this, you will do away litigation expenses, which is usually exorbitant aside from the fact that, trials are protracted and drag for years of total uncertainty.

Professional Fees

We operate and function under a "NO CURE, NO PAY," basis. You do not have to pay our professional, collection, or commission fees on works undertaken regardless of the result of the retrieval process. Our compensation will come in the form of percentage sharing based on the amount actually recovered. Our rate of compensation is variable and depends upon a number of factors such as the presence or want of a written contract, securities or guarantors among others. We can, however, fixed the compensation for collection services rendered under the following package:

1. If the assigned account is within Metropolitan Manila, and the same is recovered whether it is by court action or extra-judicial action, client/creditor agrees and undertakes to pay RED ARROW EXPRESS, INC., a collection fee or commission ranging from FIFTEEN PERCENT (15%) to TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT (25%) based on the amount actually collected depending on the nature and circumstances of the account;

2. If the assigned account is outside Metropolitan Manila, and the same is recovered whether it is by court action or extra-judicial action, client/creditor agrees and undertakes to pay RED ARROW EXPRESS, INC., a collection fee or commission of THIRTY FIVE PERCENT (35%) based on the amount actually collected;

3. It is understood, however, that the words "amount actually collected", include payments by dacion en pago, offsetting, assignments and other forms of payment that extinguishes the obligation.

4. In the event that court action is resorted by the client/creditor, legal and miscellaneous expenses relative thereto shall be for the account of the client. It is understood that the phrase "court action" includes the filing of a criminal complaint before the office of the City or Provincial Prosecutor, including those that are filed in any quasi-judicial and administrative bodies.

The amount directly paid to Red Arrow Express, Inc., are turned over to the client within fifteen (15) days from receipt thereof.

We, therefore, offer these services and invite you to invest your trust and confidence on us because at RED ARROW.... we collect!

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